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Mancuso's Country Lane Pet Hotel & Pet Supplies

1075 3rd Street    North Versailles  PA  15137

  Reservations: 412-824-7991        FAX: 412-592-0258

“Pittsburgh’s original and most exclusive pet hotel!”

Anytime you travel or must be away from home, don't spoil your time away feeling guilty about your pet staying behind or having to stay in a kennel. Let your dog experience a fun, stress-free stay in the home-style atmosphere at Mancuso's Country Lane Pet Hotel & Pet Supplies.  Specialists in pet care for over 40 years, our unique style of dog boarding originated in our home, and to this day we maintain a very "home-like" feel.

The daily routine is run just like a household, so guests experience the same sights and sounds as home. Once checked in, guests receive 24-hour care and enjoy such amenities as climate controlled indoor rooms, 4 to 6 daily outdoor walks, monitored socializing with optional play-group participation, and individual meal preparation using guests' food brought from home.  Limousine service is also available to and from the hotel if desired.

Still family owned, Mancuso's Country Lane Pet Hotel & Pet Supplies is open every day, including ALL weekends and holidays.  Conveniently located just 10 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, the hotel is only fifteen minutes from exits 57(Pittsburgh) or 67(Irwin) on the PA Turnpike, and ten minutes from exit 78A(Forest Hills) on East 376.

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