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Boarding your dog is more of an emotional experience for you than your dog. The guilt sometimes felt by the owner is tremendous. DO NOT allow yourself to become stressed by this feeling, as it is a normal reaction. Any stress and/or anxiety you exhibit will only increase the stress on your dog.


1. Keep your dog's routine normal up until the last minute. 

2. Pack your dog's belongings at the same time you pack yours. Tell your dog he/she is going on vacation too! 

3. Travel with your dog on leash to insure safety at all times. This also allows an easier transfer from owner to hotel. 

4. Give your dog a bathroom break outdoors before entering the hotel lobby. (Follow appropriate signs.) 

5. Always appear upbeat so your dog will feel secure in new surroundings. 

6. Advise children before they come to keep their good-byes short. Long good-byes upset dogs. 

7. Keep your arrival and check-in organized to prevent confusion for your pet. 

8. Be ready to transfer your dog to the hotel staff upon entry into the lobby.




1. Unload your dog first and allow a 3-minute bathroom break at the designated spot outside of the hotel. (follow signs from parking area) This reduces the chance of a lobby or sidewalk accident and gives your pet relief after the car ride.


2. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT STEPS TO FOLLOW IN ORDER TO MINIMIZE THE STRESS ON YOUR DOG. Bring your pet in on your first trip into the lobby and allow the staff to immediately escort the dog into the boarding area. With some dogs, especially shy/submissive dogs, the longer they remain with their family in the lobby, the more they think their family is coming with them. And sometimes the confusion they may experience over this transition will cause shivering as if they are frightened. They are merely unsure of what you want them to do. Remember, dogs always want a positive directive as to what to do, especially when entering a new environment.



Keep your dog's welcome home happy but low key, especially with children.  Resume your dog's daily routine as soon as possible. Excitement from an overdone homecoming can cause stress in your dog which can result in diarrhea, urinating to remark home territory, upset stomach or vomiting, loss of appetite, chewing, and/or post-boarding depression.

How To Check In

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