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What sets Mancuso’s Country Lane Pet Hotel apart from a typical kennel is the stress-free environment within which our guests relax.  Since the business began over 40 years ago in our own house, we have always been able to keep our daily routine very much like that of our guests' typical household.


Each dog enjoys an individual indoor room for privacy. (All areas are climate-controlled) Outdoor time comes at least four times a day in our large fenced area.  Guests may play and meet other dogs throughout each day (under supervision), and are always within sight and sound of staff, which is why there is no nuisance barking.


There are no bare concrete floors or runs, and we do not hose down areas to clean.  The floors and walls of each room are ceramic tile, and we insist that all dogs have bedding, whether brought from home or ours.  All floors and rooms are vacuumed and sanitized daily.  Basically the dogs experience the same sights and sounds that they do at home, so they relax, feel secure, and are not stressed out from a frantic "shelter-type atmosphere."

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Your dog will LOVE our...

Luxury indoor, climate controlled rooms for ALL guests


Hand cleaned areas, cleaned daily!   


Calm, noise-free environment

4 to 6 outdoor walks per day & daily playgroups

100% social & interactive

Optional  Busy Boarders Club  memberships w/ discounted rates

Check out the Boarding drop down menu for more information!

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